Hộp sống Residential Development

Hộp sống Residential Development occupies a city living in the heart of the new territories. Just as the Cyber city residences were conceived to support local start-up technology companies, the project similarly develops the idea of a synergistic mixture of spaces for living and working. Providing a range of accommodation to suit families as well as professionals working within Vietnam’s scientific hub, the scheme includes individual villas, as well as apartments within thirty-storey blocks.

The buildings are arranged in four clusters and are vertically staggered to form a natural barrier between the mountain and the busy road bounding the northern edge of the site. The fluid contours of the swimming pools and landscaped grounds provide a dynamic inward focus, and the cores are placed to the rear of the buildings to maximise views out towards the surrounding mountain . Filled with natural light, the living spaces lead to generous balconies and terraces, some with private swimming pools, and the apartment buildings are topped by lush gardens.

Influenced by the successful use of Glass Reinforced Concrete, or GRC, cladding elements in the Cyber city development, the project takes the use of the material a step further to set new standards in construction quality. The pre-fabricated GRC components enable a fast-track construction programme and improve both the buildings’ energy efficiency and durability, thus influencing the project’s long-term sustainability.

Box Apartment Complex